• Ratatouille (simmered in cold tomatoes of vegetables)

      500 yen

      Boil the fresh vegetables lightly in tomato and let the taste blend in the fridge overnight.Time flavor

  • Appetizer

    • Today's Quiche

      500 yen

      I use lots of ingredients, plenty of Gruyere cheese

    • Marinade taco squid Provençal style

      Marinade taco squid Provençal style

      500 yen

      I soaked in olive oil with tomatoes, carrots, olives, and herbs

    • Raw ham and ricotta, seasonal fruits

      650 yen

      Italian Prosciutta from Palma, fresh cheese originating from South Italy and seasonal fruits

    • Fresh fish carpaccio

      750 yen

      Fresh fish available on that day will change, so feel free to the staff

    • Seasonal vegetable potage soup

      600 yen

      Boiled in seasonal vegetables and lightly finished

    • Grilled shrimp and mushrooms with butter roe

      650 yen

      Prawns and mushrooms with herb butter on ♪ Go to the oven ♪ please with the bucket ♪

    • Steamed white wine clams Marinier

      750 yen

      Fish soup, aschlot's ashes, herbs, lemon juice.With recommended white wine

    • Appetizer platter

      1000 yen

      Platter little by little in one dish.If you get lost!

    • Cheeseboard

      1200 yen

      We selected 4 kinds of cheese (hard · blue mold · white mold · smoked) that wine will start

  • Bread

    • Homemade bread (2 pieces)

      200 yen
    • Garlic toast (2 pieces)

      380 yen
  • salad

    • Carrots and Organic Raisin and Orange Salad

      500 yen

      Salad with raisins raised with rum to accent of compatibility of carrots and oranges with accent

    • Avocado and tomato salad with octopus plum Meat with dressing

      680 yen

      Avocado and tomato mixed plum meat of Kishu plum with sweetness and quickly boiled octopus

    • Various salads of whimsical chefs

      800 yen

      I made a lot of various ingredients in salad tailoring

  • Gratin (about 10 minutes to 15 minutes for your time)

    • Entire gratin of shrimp and avocado

      680 yen

      It is a gratin that uses avocado as it is.With yogurt mayonnaise · Edam cheese

    • Gratin lasagna

      950 yen

      Rich finish with meat sauce and cheese using plenty of red wine

  • Cocot menu (It takes about 10 minutes to 15 minutes time)

    • Roll cabbage thoroughly cooked

      Roll cabbage thoroughly cooked

      1200 yen

      I stewed it to Trotoro.Cocott brings out the sweetness of cabbage further

    • Braised beef tail

      Braised beef tail

      1800 yen

      We slowly simmered Ushio with vegetables and stewed it in bouillon.Plenty of collagen

    • Fruits of chicken and mushroom

      1100 yen

      Braised in white, cook chicken in cream with white wine and broth with mushrooms

    • Red wine stew of beef cheek meat

      1600 yen

      Immersed the meat for 2 days in plenty of red wine and stewed softly.Rich finish

    • Bouya base with plenty of fish

      1800 yen

      French fisherman with plenty of seafood taste Regional dishes in the town

  • Special menu

    • Cocotte of domestically produced pork and vegetables thoroughly cooked with homemade demiglas sauce

      1600 yen

      Approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes I will have your time

    • Beef fillet steak Madilla sauce

      2000 yen

      Used carefully selected fillet of old-fashioned meat shop